How to download streaming video from any website

Have you ever encountered some web video you find immensely helpful but can't bookmark or save for later viewing? Most streaming plugins prevent saving of such video contents for later viewing; however, there are ways to save such content for offline viewing and personal consumption. Below is a technique I have used multiple times to save educational content for future offline viewing.

Step 1: Download Video Download Helper chrome extension
Once you have the extension installed, you can go to any streaming video content you wish to save and see if it is able to detect a streaming URL to copy. Once you find such content the plugin works on, move onto step 2.

Step 2: Install a downloader tool such as JDownloader On MacOS you can install jDownloader using brewbrew install -cask jdownloader

Step 3: Paste the URL from the helper extension into jDownloader

Reminder: This method is solely for saving content for personal consumption, I do not endorse using such techniques to circumvent copyright law.