Notes by Akhil Saji

What is this Blog About?


Name: Akhil Saji
Current Location: New York, NY, United States of America
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology (B.A.) at Boston University
Doctorate in Medicine (M.D.) at New York Medical College
Residency in Urology at New York Medical College @ Westchester Medical Center

Goals for this Blog

The internet is a wonderful place that has become the centerpiece of the current century. Within it lies many treasure tombs of valuable information. I've stumbled upon many such resources over the years. My hope is that this blog will be a notebook of sorts. A conglomerate of all of my thoughts regarding my life, my interests and my efforts to make other people's lives a bit better across the internet and across the world by spreading the knowledge I've obtained.


  1. Medicine, Biology and Science as a whole
  2. Video Games- big fan of Overwatch and Fortnite
  3. Data Science & Machine Learning
  4. Python