Notes by Akhil Saji

Personal and Professional Work

Active Web Projects

EMPIRE Urology YouTube Channel
Years Active: 2020-
Description: During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City, a group of residents at Columbia University lead by Alex Small organized a zoom lecture series to educate urology residents within the New York AUA section. These lectures were poorly accessible for future review; therefore I created the YouTube channel to bring these valuable resources to a broader audience, archive them for future reference, and improve ease of playback on multiple platforms.

International Journal of Urologic History Website
Years Active: 2021-
Description: Urology Journal focused on open and free access to articles on the origins and history of urology as a medical and surgical specialty.

Academic Publications

AUA 2020 Conference Video Abstract: "Percutaneous Resection of Bulky Renal Pelvis and Calyceal Tumors" Naim, S., Saji, A., Wagmaister, J. Et al.

Advances in Wound Care Paper Publication: "Fournier's Gangrene: a review and outcome comparison from 2009-2016" Ferretti, M., Saji, A., Phillips, J. Et al.

AUA 2017 Conference Podium Presentation of Abstract: "Determinants of Default from Follow-Up in a Prostate Cancer Screening Program" Ferretti, M., Goltzman, M., Saji, A. Et al.

Past Web Projects

BJUI Blog Post on Sterotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) on primary renal tumors
Years Active: Published April 2017
Description: A summary of an expert discussion on the utility of SABR in management of primary renal tumors.

Bradham Lab website
Years Active: 2014-
Description: A website for the Bioinformatics laboratory I was a member of as an undergraduate student. In order to ensure longetivity and ease of updating, the entire website uses JSON data files to dynamically generate the content seen.

DermTerms Django App (offline) Poster
Years Active: 2012-2014
Description: Developed as a research project with Dr. Amit Garg and Dr. Joyce Hoot, DermTerms was a unique web learning tool designed to bridge the educational gap between pre-clinical and clinical years of dermatology education in medical school. The tool created a standardized format for compiling a differential diagnosis for a skin lesion and ultimately a diagnosis. See poster presentation below.

Medical Dermatology Case Logs Django App (offline)
Years Active: 2011-2013
Description: Developed as a research project with Dr. Amit Garg, MDCL was a digital tool to evaluate the competency and adequacy of experiential training in medical dermatology. This tool was developed as a web application in Django with an integrated iOS application.